Frequently Asked Questions About Public Accounting Firms

We help entrepreneurs Start, Purchase, Improve, Protect and Cash Out from their businesses.

Whenever there is a significant business transaction or event, we help our clients deal with all of the issues and problems that come up (or might come up). Rely on experts for better decision making. Outsourcing financial expertise or establishing a finance team from the beginning will help your company more efficiently achieve goals. Although typically accountants are expected to manage finances, they frequently provide advisory services which can be crucial in a startup’s planning stages. Beyond accounting issues, Mr. Soria’s business experience help clients grow and improve their businesses using an strategic approach.

As a general practice we don’t, however, it can be credited toward future services as explained here.

Our initial consultation fee is $135.00 and it is payable at the time of the consultation. The initial consultation typically takes 45 minutes to one hour.

During the consultation, we will begin working on your business issues, giving you advice and alternatives in order to move forward. You will leave with a game plan and knowledge of what we can do for you.

If we decide to work together, we’ll apply the initial consultation fee to the fixed price for the work. Of course, if we cannot represent you there will be no charge.

We made arrangements with certain professionals and community based organizations in which we charge no consultation fee to people they refer.

Yes you can. However, telephone consultations must be prepaid and arranged in advance.

If you’d like to briefly speak with us to see if there is a fit, we can set a 10 to 15 minute telephone call also.

We rarely price our services based on an hourly rate. We believe that hourly rate billing is not fair to the client.

Instead, we will provide you with a fixed price for the work based on what we have agreed the work to be done is. This is done before you commit to paying for the work.

So, when do we bill hourly? We bill hourly when you are unable to decide what you need to be done, but need help along the way or whenever the scope of work agreed is substantially modified or increased.

The fixed price will be provided to you after our initial consultation and agreement of the type of work that needs to be done. This is done before you commit to pay for the work. We put the agreement in writing for both parties to sign if you agreed on the pricing.

Yes, you can. We accept major credit cards.

As a responsible firm, we avoid quoting over the phone since quoting a price over the telephone is very difficult.

First, Accountants who bill hourly can quote any price because the quote isn’t binding. In other words, they can quote a very low price to get you to commit. Then, when the bill comes to you and it’s for a larger amount, you are responsible to pay it even though was higher than the initial quote.

On the other hand, when we give you a price, it’s the price for that project – as long as you don’t decide to change the work, the price stays the same. That is why we need to meet, so that we can be accurate, and take into account all of the issues and the things that have to be done to complete your work.

Accountants free you up and reduce risk. It may seem that handling your business’ finances yourself will lower your costs, however, the expertise that an accountant can provide to you may save you money in taxes and also, avoid legal fees– this alone will pays for itself in the form of tax returns. Money can allow for exponential growth, but your time as a business owner is extremely precious. As a business owner, the cost of investing your time into educating yourself in a field where you can be legally fined for a mistake is increasingly high. The federal document covering the tax code is 73,954 pages long, yet every business in the United States is expected to comply with the laws listed which continue to get more numerous and more complicated.

Proof of that is shown in the ever increasing page count which is up from 67,204 since 2007. Think of all the ways you can grow your business in the time it would take to learn the tax code, keep up with the changes, and apply them to your company.

The goal of a professional accountant or accounting team is not only to give you financial freedom, but to reduce risks and allow you to spend more time on strategic business matters. Your accountant will not only protect what you have monetarily, but help you expand.